Geneva Escorts

000 Swiss francs per hour, all services included

Have an Adventure with Geneva Escort Celest

Celest is a beautiful bodacious blonde with a boldness and brazenness that has to be experienced to be believed. No shy wallflower, she is the type of girl that you don't bring home to meet your parents, and she makes no bones about it. She says she is the woman that you've always really dreamed of, who really understands what you want. She loves exploring the borders of fun, pleasure and excitement.

Boogie Down

Celest once was a ballerina, but found Swan Lake too sedate and dreamy for her. Today, she prefers the pounding rhythms of Geneva's dance bands and the excitement of being hurled around the dance floor. She still has a ballerina's body, though, with soft, silky skin to match her soft, silky hair.

Touring the Town

Celest knows the town of Geneva inside and out, including where the hidden treasures are that the tourists just can't find. She is one of our most popular Geneva escorts, with a giving attitude and a boundless enthusiasm for repeated fun. If you want a top notch tour of the city, she is ready to help you see some things you've never seen before. If you prefer to stay in and relax, she won't say no to that either.

Exciting Evening Frolics

Celest is available for short dates, but trust us, you really won't want her to go after a short time. Luckily for you, she loves to frolic and have fun late into the evening, when the sun has gone down.

Tonight Is Your Night for a Date with Celest

Celest can be your date tonight, and you can find out just what it is about this gorgeous woman that keeps the men of five continents coming back to Geneva Escorts again and again. Book this Geneva Escort now and prepare yourself for a night of pleasure and entertainment fit for a king.